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Tap dance is dancing while wearing tap shoes (metal at the bottom of the shoes). This style uses rhythmic sounds of the feet to create dance. Students will practice the style popularized by rhythmic comprehension, as well as Sutton influence in their training.



Ballet is a dance form performed using precise and formalized set steps and gestures. Artistry through specific technique allows dancers to utilize strength and precision through their movements, and help maintain anatomical understanding in other genres as well.

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Hip-hop dance refers to dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a large range of styles like breaking, popping, locking, whacking, house, and more.



Contemporary dance combines the terminology and practice of jazz, ballet, lyrical, and modern practices to form a style of dance that practices the transition between fluidity and strength in the body and creates a high level of exploration of movement in a variety of ways.

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Lyrical dance is dance the comes from a foundation of ballet and jazz technique to relate to the lyrics of a song. This style uses a technical foundation to create beautiful shapes and expressive movement.



Jazz dance can range between vernacular, Broadway, theatrical, and more types of jazz. This class focuses on lines and movements of the body through variations of technique and steady energy.

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